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Some Photos From Bike Rave 3

December 8, 2015
Best Costume I reckon. So simple!

Costume of the night, I reckon. So simple!

The third instalment of Bike Rave came and went on Saturday night and a good time was had by all. Like last time I had my nine year old in-tow, and although the crowd is predominantly twenty-somethings, Bike Rave is super family-friendly.

We didn’t feel out of place, in fact there were a bunch of kids riding, even one on a mini fat-bike, it was sooooo cute!

Speaking of cute, check-out the crew in the last photo. Waiting for the sun to set at the Mission Bay start, these little fellas ditched the nearby playground and buzzed around our lights like moths to a flame. My daughter and I ended up riding in circles on the grass as they ran behind shrieking with delight. That’s bike-advocacy at work right there!


Chopper [tick], Big Sound-System [tick], Disco-Lights [tick]. WIN, WIN, WIN!!!


The Boy & Girl in Blue. They were awesome!


The Velociteers doing their thing on Queens Wharf.


Bike Rave Groupies at the Mission Bay start.

Bike Rave now has a web-page, so bookmark that, friend them on FaceBook, and get along to the next one!

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