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“First Hoon” on the Nelson Street Bike Path – Thurs 3rd Dec

November 27, 2015

Join Bike Auckland (formally Cycle Action Auckland) and friends to christen Auckland’s latest world-class cycleway next week. I believe the ribbon-cutting/speeches/fall-asleep-standing-up part is in the morning. This is simply a casual ride that evening with fellow cyclists as the sun sets and the multi-coloured lighting fires-up for the first time.

700m long, lit by LED wonder-lights, surfaced with pink fairy-dust and suspended high above Spaghetti Junction, this is one impressive ribbon of concrete & steel. It’s the type of fast, convenient, safe infrastructure Auckland needs to get people moving under their own steam.

What progress we’ve made, remember the fuss when the Takapuna to Devonport cycle lanes were put in? That was a mere strip of green paint (Leprechaun-Dust?) and the tin-top brigade thought the sky was falling-in.

The Nelson Street path utilises a mothballed section of motorway, but it didn’t come cheap, and yet we barely heard a peep? Times are changing and I like it!

When: Thursday 3rd December

  • 7.30pm meet from at Mercury Lane Food Court
  • 8.00pm Ride Departs
  • Sunset @ 8.24pm, Lights On!

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