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Bike Rave 3.0

November 18, 2015


When: Saturday December 5

Where: Leaves Mission Bay at 8pm 

Bike Rave 3.0 is coming folks and it promises to be bigger, better, warmer, louder & prouder!

I attended Bike Rave 1.0 with 150 others and it was a total blast, these guys were onto something.

Numbers ballooned past 400 at Bike Rave 2.0 and people really got into decorating their bikes (and themselves). There were some crazy light-shows weaving along the waterfront that cold winter’s night. I tracked-down some battery-powered Christmas lights ($2 Shop) for my daughter’s bike, she had the time of her life.


You might think a bike “rave” is for 20-somethings only, but that hasn’t proved the case. While the bulk of the crowd fitted that description there were plenty of older folks (like me!), and I didn’t feel out of place taking along an eight year old either.

So stock up on blinkies, glow-sticks and LED wonder-lights and put the evening of December 5 in your diary. It’s the most fun you’ll have on two wheels.

Keep up-to-date with Bike rave 3.0 via the FaceBook Event page.



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