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Climate Tour de Shore: A Fossil Fuel Free Odyssey!

October 7, 2015

The last “Tour de Shore” I participated in was a pedal-powered pub-crawl around North Shore dens’ of iniquity. Reader Steve sent in details of a ride designed to stop a global headache, not induce a localised one!

Here’s the blurb straight from the horse’s mouth…

The Climate Tour de Shore: A Fossil Fuel Free Odyssey is being organised by a group of North Shore residents keen to see meaningful action at the upcoming Paris Climate talks. It should be lots of fun and an engaging way for folk across the Shore to ask for a clean energy future for our kids.

This free community event consists of a 1/2 day tour around the Shore, using ‘clean energy’ (fossil fuel free) transport (bikes, electric bikes, and electric cars) visiting some local landmarks (e.g. beaches & reserves).

Sunday 8th November, 10am to 2pm

The motivation for the event is to help raise awareness of the need for more action on climate change, and is timed for the lead-up to the major international conference in December (and the global series of marches on the last weekend of November – 28th for Auckland).


People can get involved in one of two ways…

  1. Join the tour on your bicycle*, electric bike*, or electric vehicle.
    * Suitable for experienced on-road cyclists only – participants will be required to accept personal responsibility 
  2. Come along to the tour stop nearest your home to show your support for our message – ‘a clean energy future for our kids!’

At each ‘stop’ on the tour, we’ll have a small family-friendly festivity and the obligatory photo opportunity! Local press will be invited, so that we can publicise the event and raise awareness.

FaceBook_Icon_32x32px  FaceBook Event Page

At this stage, the tour stops are expected to be Browns Bay Beach (start), Albany Domain (Albany), Onepoto Domain, and Takapuna Beach (finish). The approximate distance between the stops are 7km, 13km and 6km.

We’re approaching a variety of local community groups to see if they’d like to be involved, including ecological restoration groups, primary and secondary schools, cycling advocacy groups, and electric vehicle enthusiasts.

If you’d like to be involved, or to find out more, please contact Phil ( or 021 835146).

Intended schedule and route:

  • 10am – Meet at Browns Bay
  • 10:30am – Leave for Albany (6.7km, 30 minutes) via Bute Road, Oaktree Avenue, Spencer Road, McLymonts Road, Civic Crescent, Appian Way, SH29 (short distance), Oteha Valley Road Ext, Dairy Flat Highway
  • 11:15am – Stop at Albany Domain, Albany
  • 11:45am – Leave for Onepoto Domain (12.9km, 52 minutes) via Albany Highway, Chivalry Road, Sunnybrae Road, Lake Road, Exmouth Road
  • 12:45pm – Stop at Onepoto Domain
  • 1:15pm – Leave for Takapuna Beach (5.7km, 24 minutes) via Exmouth Road, College Road, Akoranga Drive, Esmonde Road, Lake Road, The Strand
  • 1:45pm – Arrive at Takapuna Beach
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  1. David White permalink
    October 7, 2015 11:39 pm

    Strictly speaking, you can’t drive a hybrid or mains powered vehicle, or get a lift to the start or from the end, because any of those would involve *some* fossil fuel consumption. But have fun, anyway.

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