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The “It’s all about me” Photodump

September 13, 2015

As our seven loyal readers may have picked-up on, things have been a bit quiet around here. There’s been plenty to write about, I apologize, but I haven’t had the time or the energy.

It’s been six weeks of work-madness, kids’ sport, sickness, injury & misery. I even managed to crash my bike, something I haven’t done (on the road) for twenty five years! I know I’m still sick, because ten minutes before I sat down to type this I put instant coffee in the dishwasher dispenser, doh!

Anyway, with lungs full of gunge, and a knee that won’t bend, I’ve still been riding, it’s my lifeblood. Something to look forward to when you’re down, and still the best way to get around.

What follows is a smattering of my bike-life of late, hope you enjoy them (click for big). I’ll hit the keyboard again when I’ve got my mojo back. – Antoine

Fun Rides Around The Burbs

Look at the two photos below. How could you live in Auckland, ride a bike, and not love life?

When I sell my house and buy a small Caribbean island, I’m going to miss this place.


Chill’n with the fat-girl on Mt Victoria with a sore throat and a warm heart, before getting wet & cold on the spin home.


How ’bout them views? J F Kennedy Memorial Walkway, Castor Bay.

The Work Commute

Most of my riding is to work and back. When I’m not pushed for time I take the long way, take it easy, and take photos. I love bicycle commuting!


Denis the 12-Speed resting after getting me home safely.


After years of use I still marvel at the beauty of these MonkeyLights.


Denis has spots.


My Surly Cross-Check is much more low-key. Resting on Beach Road opposite Pupuke Golf Course.


With a cyclocross bike you can ride trails on you way to work. This is deep inside Centennial Park, Campbells Bay.


Or ride up the stupidly steep bank behind Gilmours in Constellation Drive.

A visit to T Whites Bikes

Part museum, part bike-nerd hangout. This is a real bike shop where both the staff and the walls are covered in oil. I meet some nice people in bike shops, but most have that new-car-dealership vibe about them. Lots of expensive shiny things on offer, but no passion, no knowledge and no soul. T Whites is not that kind of place.


Drool, old skool Kos Kruiser. When you’re 6’5″ you appreciate a BMX with 26″ wheels.


Speaking of 26′ wheels, what about a Specialized Rock Combo from the late 80s? Too cool.

Beach Crawling

I’ve had this strip of sand and rock to myself the last decade, but with fat-bikes commonly available now it was only a matter of time before I had some company.


Rocky road at Torbay.


As the yoof say, “nature is metal.” You encounter many different surfaces and textures riding the coast.


Met Steve walking his furry friends along Churchill beach a few week back. Nice guy, nice dogs, nice entry-level fatty from our advertiser Evolution Bikes.

Getting out of Town

If you get the chance to visit Mercer, don’t. But if you have sons that row and you’re stuck there for the day, take your bike. Some beautiful riding down there in the Waikato.


In this metropolis rowing clubs outnumber McDonalds three to one. That’s not such a bad thing.


A day in the country.


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  1. SkuggsLisa permalink
    September 28, 2015 8:20 pm

    Gorgeous photos. Looks like you know a few sneaky fun sections to ride on your way home. Perhaps I should get a cyclocross bike, learn to bunny hop and seek them out. N+1… :)

    Hope you’re feeling loads better btw! Did you get hit by the awful 10 day flu that’s been doing the rounds? Seems to be hitting all the fit and active types for some reason…perhaps it feeds on endorphins.

    • September 28, 2015 10:02 pm

      Thank you, I got the two week head cold instead!
      Cyclocross bikes, I should really write a post on them – a road bike you can ride down stairs ;^)

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