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I won a bike! Do you want it?

June 17, 2015
Schluter SS

Bikes-on-the-couch – Don’t tell the missus!

At the last Bike Rave Auckland, principal sponsor Lescykill Bicycle ran a photo competition.
Preoccupied as I was with not losing my nine year old daughter in the city, I still managed to grab a couple of decent snaps and won myself a bike!

I picked it up last week from Lescykill HQ and what a beautiful little thing it is. But that’s the problem right there, it’s little, a 53cm frame – the largest Lescykill make.

Couch Potato

Couch Potato

It’s one of those Goldilocks situations where the bike is too small for the two big boys in the family, too big for the two girls and the “just right” kid in the middle prefers to ride his mountainbike on the hills around here.

As much as I’d love to keep it (tempted to hang it on the wall) I’d prefer to find a new home so she actually gets ridden in anger.

If you fancy a brand new singlespeed (converts to fixed-gear with the flip-flop hub) give me a shout [ ]

Model: Lescykill Schlüter SS
Colour: Pearl White
Weight: A svelte 10.5kg
Asking price: $350

Lois from Lescykill gives her a final tweak.

Lois from Lescykill gives her a final tweak.

The photo in question.

The photo in question.

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