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Hidden Gem: Bomb Point, Hobsonville

June 10, 2015
Bomb Point Signage

This photo is a couple of years old, no car access at the moment.

With two teenage rowers in the family I’m intimately familiar with Hobsonville Point. Westlake Boys High School have their rowing compound down on the landing and training for competition requires getting there so early in the morning it’s basically the night before! I often throw a bike on the car and go for a ride after playing taxi.

Westlake Rowing Eight

The old (flying) boat ramp, down by the wharf and farmers market.

In a couple of years Hobsonville Point has transformed from a decaying backwater to a thriving modern community and the developers have incorporated lots of people-friendly town planning. The housing is high-density but there are cycle-paths, walkways, parks, playgrounds and green-spaces everywhere, it’s very cycle-friendly. While still a work-in-progress (don’t get taken-out by a concrete mixer), it’s a fun place to explore by bike, probably safer than your neighbourhood, and perfect for family cycling. Official Map Hobsonville-Point-Explore-map All this new development is well & good, but you really need to get there soon while there’s still some decaying stuff left, that’s the really interesting part! Many of the former Air Force buildings have been demolished, but as you ride around Hobsonville you will still see evidence of it’s military past. The best example of this, for kids and big kids alike, is Bomb Point.

Bomb Store A

Bomb Store, Aye.

Once used for munitions storage, a network of magazines are dotted around the peninsular and there’s stunning views down the harbour. Spaced at regular intervals and surrounded by towering earth banks (many accessed by tunnels), if one of these bunkers blew to smithereens there was to be no chain-reaction. Most of the buildings are locked-up tight, but two or three have their blast-doors open and are free to explore.

Wet Magazine

Wet Magazine.


Time for Reflection

The developers are planning a walkway around the entire coastline and I suggest you get to Bomb Point before construction starts. At the moment you can ride the loop around the perimeter road, exploring the bunkers as you go, or tackle the grassy singletrack outside the fence if you’re on a mountainbike. That outside track (shown below) is pretty rough & ready, but that’s the appeal of the whole place to me, I like decay!

Bomb Store Perimeter

Outer Perimeter

Hobsonville Sunrise

Early morning.

There are two ways to access Bomb Point; Make your way down to “The Landing” and head South along the coastal road. There’s construction in that area at present so you’ll have to use your noggin. Vehicle access was prohibited on my last visit but I had no problem getting there by bike. The usual entrance looked like a World War One battlefield and was fenced-off, but in the western corner where the singletrack starts a section of the fence had been removed. Alternatively there’s a gravel path starting over by the new primary school (refer to map) that zig-zags beside what was formerly the grass runway. You could combine both and make it a fun loop.

Bombing @ Bomb Point

Bombing @ Bomb Point

Bomb Point Accommodation

Bomb Point Accommodation

If you or the kids enjoy exploring old military sites like North Head and Kennedy Park, I think you’ll enjoy Bomb Point. Make sure you head out there before it gets a make-over and loses some of it’s charm. Broken-glass and that faint smell of wee is something to be treasured!


Some great street art to be found.

Cyclists are Cocks - Redux

But the standard varies!


Buildings like these are systematically being renovated or demolished.

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