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Skypath – Act quick, help make it happen!

June 4, 2015

This just landed in my inbox from the Generation Zero kids. Take 30sec out of your day and help SkyPath get over this last hurdle…

Thanks to you we have shown Skypath has overwhelming community support!

The last decisions about whether Skypath is allowed to be built are being made right now at a Hearing in Takapuna.

We’re hearing that some of the decision-makers are STILL concerned that ALL Aucklanders will always drive to an end and try and park, instead of actually walking, cycling or taking the ferry or a bus there. If the commissioners are too worried about parking they could block the entire Skypath project from happening. That’s 10 years of work from the community wasted.
We’ve decided it’s about time we got to the bottom of the matter.

complete the survey

Help us fill in this quick survey to tell the commissioners how you’d use Skypath.

With 4 days to go until the end of hearings, things are getting tight. Although over 10,000 people submitted in support of Skypath, a vocal minority of only 100 are holding the project back. Make sure our opinions are clear.

If, you’re interested in the Survey Results we’ll release them on Monday via our Facebook page here


p.s. Whoever is doing the graphic design over at Generation Zero is killing it, love those clean little illustrations!

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