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Winter Bike Rave goes off!

May 24, 2015

Downtown Disco (Best bike of the night I reckon)

The weather gods were VERY kind to us. In what seemed like a week of constant rain Friday evening was beautifully still and dry as 400 riders cruised the waterfront, lights flashing, tunes pumping, disco-balls glittering.

We started at Mission Bay and cruised the waterfront bike path towards the city. There’s something special about that view of Downtown as you ride around the Bays. The winter air was crisp and clear and the city lights shot neon streaks across the harbour towards us.

That wasn’t the only neon on show, people had made a real effort this time with some spectacularly decorated bikes and fun costumes.

I took my 9 year old along for the ride and despite a smattering of excitable yoof it was a pretty kid-friendly event, not that she’s the target audience of course. It was a long haul for little legs pedaling out to Mission Bay, but it made sense to park the sag-wagon down by the harbour bridge where the ride would eventually end.

I hope Bike Rave continues to build momentum, it’s wonderful to see bike-culture flourishing in Aotearoa.

Like Bike Rave Auckland on FaceBook and get your friends along to the next one, highly recommended!


Bike-Ravers Ahead!




Concentrated Raving


Queens Wharf Stop ©Paul Ohlsen


“I’m having a really bad time Dad.”

Neon Ravers ©Paul Ohlsen

Neon Ravers ©Paul Ohlsen

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