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#bikeraveAKL Tonight!!!

May 22, 2015


1100 people say they’re going on FaceBook, even if a quarter of those turn up it’s going to be a fun night! The first bikeraveAKL was a great success, grab some glow-sticks and join the party…

Here’s the latest details straight from the raver’s mouth: 

Come be a little rock n’ roll with us again Friday, May 22th. We’re traveling from Mission Bay to the Harbour Bridge, so those who missed last rave will still get a chance to rage while gandering across at the pretty Auckland lights and water.

So don your smartest human sky tower costume, indulge in a glow in the dark unicorn bike frame, or turn your cargo trailer into a pop-up disco for one. Go go go!

1. Radio (we’ll play 95bFM).
2. Snacks and supplies.
3. Camera (we want to document all of the goodness).
4. Lights
5. Rain Jacket, you never know.
6. CASH for food truck food.

1. We will have marshals in pink reflective jackets, with “CREW” on the back. If you have any questions on the day, ask them, they’re there to help. They’ll be helping keep you safe.
2. We’ll be taking the foot/ bike path from Mission Bay right to under the bridge. So no worries about cars.
3. There will be a few stops where we can chill or rave, and also to announce the competition winner.
4. The event is completely free.

Flock to Mission Bay from 7.30. We aim to leave at 8pm.

Bike Rave will be making two main stops along the way after leaving Mission Bay.
1. Mechanics Bay, where the crowd will judge the best costume. Winner gets a Hey Reflect’o vest!
2. They’ll stop at Queen’s Wharf for dance times.
Then they’re ending under the Harbour Bridge for celebratory Banger Boys deliciousness.

Win A Bike

Event sponsor Lescykill have some pretty awesome offers for you all:

1. Their bikes will be 15% off the retail price for Bike Rave! Wee!
2. There’s a photo competition with three great prizes to be won:
– First place is a LescykillBicycle Schlüter SS bike (RRP$499),
– Second place is a LescykillBicycle iPhone wood-case (RRP$79),
– Third place is a LescykillBicycle 25% OFF Voucher.

Stop by the FaceBook Event Page for further info.

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