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More Bike-Commuting Legends

May 21, 2015

Some more entries in our commuter Mini-Pump competition, you have until the end of May to get those photos to us.

Plenty of variety in the entries so far with road, mountain, city and e-bikes all represent’n.


Clare’s repurposed MTB. Steel is real!

“Commute 3-4 times a week between Campbells Bay and Smales Farm (across the golf course, down Forrest Hill, missing the parents parking in the T2 lane to park the bike in the dry under Voda!). Sometimes even take the bike for a cross train ride at lunchtime!”


Ben’s murdered-out steed… If Darth Vader commuted by bike.

“Photo of my bike at the Downtown ferry terminal on my commute yesterday. I ride to either Queen Street or Smales Farm pretty much every day from Beach Haven.”


Whoa, sexy bike parking facilities Lisa!

Lisa’s commute takes her from Windsor Park to the CBD via East Coast Road and the Devonport Ferry – 14km each way. That’s the simplified version – there’s cars and kids and the occasional bus involved in the extended-mix!

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