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Hands-up if you like Bikes & Coffee

April 23, 2015

Oh, okay, most of you then… that’s what I figured.

It’s no coincidence cities around the world with strong café cultures are also hotspots of bicycle culture – think Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Portland, San Francisco and Melbourne.

This summer I’ve attended a few “bike-advocacy” meetings at a cool little café in Ponsonby called Blend. The brainchild of Drew Duff-Dobson and his wife Sarah, Blend brings bikes and coffee together to restore natural order in the universe. It’s a welcome addition to the Auckland landscape for bike and coffee lovers alike.


Drew’s a 20 year coffee-industry veteran, so it’s no surprise the espresso is top-notch, in fact it’s his own creation – Smith Coffee, he even has a bike on the label!

The bicycles for sale are also top-notch and quite unique in the New Zealand market. While traveling in Japan Drew and Sarah visited the flagship store of Tokyobike and were so impressed, it wasn’t long before these funky Japanese townies made their way down under.

Tokyobikes are light and maneuverable with a comfortable riding position, quality components, and come in a gorgeous array of colours. They’re a chic, practical city-bike, and much zippier than the portly European equivalents.


The Blend crew have an eye for bike accessories too. I swear most of the nifty stuff I’ve stumbled across on the internet was sitting on that table tempting me. Not a huge selection, there’s not really room for that, but fun and quirky items you’d never find in a “bike” shop.

If you’re passing through Ponsonby, stop in and check them out. Bikes & coffee… sounds like a win/win to me.

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