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Open Streets Survey

April 18, 2015

OpenStreets2015_LogoOkay, okay, I’ve calmed down a little since that last rant and I’m looking at the positives, looking at the big picture. The overriding problem with Open Streets 2015 was only HALF the street was open, but that’s an easy fix.

Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, ATEED, [insert an organisation we pay for here _______ ] have now all seen the possibilities. As far as lots of people in the city having fun “on the street” goes, it was a great success.

But, it can be improved upon, and YOU can help.

Whether you attended or not, please take a couple of minutes to fill out the following survey by Auckland Transport and let’s make the next one bigger and better!

I suggest (you suggest) opening-up the WHOLE of Quay St, not just the waterfront side of the road. Even better, why not a couple of complete blocks so bikers, trikers, scooterers, skaters, unicyclists, walkers, runners and their four-legged friends have some room to move. That would be a total blast and people couldn’t wait to come back for the next one.

You may have some other ideas, get clicking…

Open Streets Auckland Survey

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  1. marty permalink
    April 20, 2015 9:48 pm

    Thanks for putting the survey link up ……..gave them some feed back I was clear that we are not happy with the open stre

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