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Bike Gangs of Auckland Unite!

April 4, 2015

Next Sunday Quay Street is all ours as Open Streets takes over Downtown Auckland.

As an incentive to existing riding groups and to motivate a few new ones Cycle Action Auckland is running a Bike Gang Challenge competition. There’s a $500 grand prize for the largest gang (probably restaurant or cinema vouchers at this stage), and a stack of spot prizes up for grabs for various categories such as most expensive bike, best dressed bike, youngest (& oldest) gang member, longest bike etc…..

Promo flyer Grey

Road, BMX and mountainbike clubs have got a head-start on numbers but there’s plenty of bike-shops with regular group-rides and a buzzing waterfront (with a distinct lack of cars) would make a great destination for your bunch.

But you don’t have to be a big deal to take part and have fun. Get family, friends or work colleagues involved, rock-up to the Cycle Action Tent on Sunday and maybe score some free swag or a spot prize?

As an example the Frocks on Bikes gals (gang) are “going Japanese” to Open Streets. My Hello Kitty costume is at the cleaners so I politely declined, but they’re keen for any fun-loving girls, guys or kids to join them – follow the link above for more info.

FOB Bike Gang


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