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Bike Rave Auckland a Great Success

March 8, 2015
#bikeraveAKL - Mission Bay

Last minute light-tweaking in Mission Bay Reserve before we set off.

After a long list of excuses were ignored and man-flu symptoms rightfully mocked, I eventually convinced my friend Muz to join me (way past his bedtime) and we set-off for the Mission Bay start with lights blinking and spirits high.

Riding bikes in the city is fun. Riding bikes at night is funner. And riding with your friends is the winning combo.

#bikeraveAKL - Bullitt

Lots of imagination used decorating both riders and their machines.

We snaked through Downtown, weaving around tin-tops, intoxicated yoof and bewildered tourists. By Tamaki Drive we had caught some fellow ravers and continued along the waterfront bike-path in a ragtag bunch of twenty or so.

Side Note: That Tamaki Drive bike-path is CRAP! (Apologies, I know this is a family-friendly site). It’s poorly lit, narrow, windy, badly surfaced and totally unsuitable for sharing with pedestrians, quite dangerous in fact. Shame on you Auckland Council, now I know what everyone’s been complaining about!

#bikeraveAKL - Sky Tower Helmet

Sky Tower helmet. Best costume of the night!

Approaching Mission Bay a rainbow frenzy of flashing lights and glow-sticks exploded through the trees and before long we were milling around with 150 others keenly awaiting the 9.30pm start. That’s not an “Eden Park” crowd estimate either – I counted 150 and the organisers came up with a similar number.

Once we got moving a shimmering ribbon of colour, music and laughter drifted around the water’s edge towards the city, stopping on occasion to take in the views, wet-our-whistles and marvel at the fireworks exploding above the Domain. It was all pretty cruisy and relaxing. I had imagined excitable youngsters ducking & diving across my path but there was none of that, and despite the condition of the bike-path I didn’t see anyone come to grief.

#bikeraveAKL - Queens Wharf

Cargo-Bike & Disco-Ball. Win/Win!

It was a young crowd, but there were plenty of oldies like me and even a couple of kids present who were loving rocking around the city that late at night.

Passing cars on Tamaki Drive would regularly toot and holla their approval with the odd bogun chipping-in to question our sexuality and choice of vehicle. That was pretty funny, just added to the experience.

I was having such a great time I hardly took any photos but there’s plenty more on the FaceBook page from fellow ravers if you’re interested.

#bikeraveAKL - Silo Park

Silo Park was looking decided dead before Bike Rave turned up.

More riders will add to the excitement and the music could have been louder, but I think for a “pilot”, testing the waters as it were, Friday night’s Bike Rave was a great success. Well done to the organizers Lennart and Emma, can’t wait for the next one!

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  1. marty permalink
    March 10, 2015 11:39 pm

    One Awesome night ,It was well worth making the effort to go ,sad that I had to depart before the end to get the ferry back to the Shore and ride up to the Bays .Bring on the next Bike Rave ! Good to catch up with you Antoine and nice to meet you other FB friend ;-})

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