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‘Tis the Season

December 28, 2014
Xmas Sharrow

Image ©, with “modifications” by moi ;^)

2014 has been a quiet year on the blog, but I hope you’ve found something once in a while to tickle your fancy. With a shake-up to my full time job and much less free time I’m going for quality not quantity. That’s been taken that to the extreme somewhat and I’ve hardly written anything!

When I do have time for an extended ride, with a route I should really write about, it’s often not on the North Shore. Maybe I need to re-brand as Bike Friendly Auckland?

Anyway, this is the time of year to dust off your bike and get out in the sunshine. You don’t have to go far, you don’t have to go fast, just have some fun.

bush commute

A section of my commute in suburban Campbells Bay. Could be the middle of nowhere, I am so lucky!

The bike-advocate in me is thinking ‘maybe you should ride to work next year? Just once, to see what it’s like’ – think of it as an “adventure”.

It seems weird remembering how the concept of riding to work scared the shit out of me a few short years ago. I was riding a singlespeed mountainbike at the time, and then (as now) was totally obsessed with cycling. But commuting was a different proposition: How long would it take? What would I wear? Would I get sweaty? How do I carry my stuff?

My philosophy now is not to preach how to do things, better just to have a go and see what works for you. I will say though that I tested my route in the weekend first and that “dummy run” removed most of the stress and doubt. Start slow, just one day a week, and see if you like it? No pressure!!!

Have a great New Years everyone and I’ll see you here in 2015 – Antoine

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