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Dodging Bullets

November 11, 2014

If you didn’t get out on your bike last weekend you’ve got rocks in your head, wasn’t the weather sublime?

It was my turn to do the “rowing-run” to Hobsonville Point on Sunday so I was up and out the door at an ungodly hour. Sacrificing sleep for your childrens’ athletic aspirations is all well and good but you might as well get a bike ride in. I had the fat-girl strapped to the car ready-to-roll and was crushing gravel in Riverhead forest by 6.30am.

I tell ya, Riverhead must be the coldest place in Auckland. Luckily I had a buff in my Camelbak because my fingers were as frozen as the frost at the side of the road until I gained some elevation and got into the sun. At least my head was warm.

Frost in November!

Frost in November!

I cruised around a couple of hours, got horribly lost, and only survived the ordeal by installing a GPS app on my (ancient) smartphone and following the cultured English-accented directions back to the entrance. Time for an upgrade me thinks.

My timing was just about perfect. The rifle-range guys had just turned-up and there was a couple of dozen rednecks milling around looking for something to shoot. Exit stage left.   ;^)

Some guy.

Some guy.

I was thinking of the Bike Devonport folks later that morning as I drove around town taxiing children here and there. The weather was perfect for their Bike to the Beach ride and what a fantastic turn-out, over 80 pedallers! Plenty of photos over on their Facebook page, well done guys.

Why do uphills look like downhills?

Why do uphills look like downhills?



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