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It’s Black And White

June 10, 2014
Te Awa Cycling Stripes

Karapiro – Te Awa Bike Path

My bicycle obsession has rekindled an interest (obsession) in photography. It’s now difficult for me to go for a ride without a camera in tow. Obsessive Compulsive? I don’t “think” so, far too much joy involved in both activities, although I do get anxious when I leave home without my camera!

If you want to cut to the chase, capture the emotion, nail the composition without any distraction, it’s hard to go past black and white images. I’ve compiled some of my favourites below, all taken by me, and most are local spots I ride regularly.

Viewed all at once that OCD diagnosis is not looking flash, but on a case-by-case basis I’m kind of proud of them…

Ritchey McCaw

Woodhill Forest – Ritchey McCaw (AKA Muz)


Woodhill Forest – Footloose


Woodhill Forest – Balls


Westgate – Motorway Overbridge

Hobsonville Point – Frosty Start

Useful Tool

Hobsonville Point – Useful Tool

Beached Cruiser

Gold Coast – Beached Cruiser

Any Old Iron

Albany – Parking Provided

Pesky Trees

Albany – Factory Wall


Albany – Playcentre Wall

Black Heart

Mairangi Bay – Love on the Share With Care Path

Share With Care

Mairangi Bay – Seeing stars on the bike path

Happy 21st

DIY in the Bike Friendly North Shore Workshop

Real Grown-up Mountainbiking with Pink Sequined Chuck Taylors

Northcote – Tuff Crater Trail

Mist rising from the Poo Ponds - Winter is Coming

Albany – Mist rising from the Poo Ponds

Chasing The Sun

Wairau Valley – Chasing The Sun Home


Bethells Beach – Manuka Singletrack around Lake Wainamu

Riding to Lake Wainamu

Bethells Beach – Riding to Lake Wainamu

Cave Parking

Bethells Beach – Cave Parking


Bethells Beach – Last Nights Fire on the Giant Dune


Devonport – Mount Victoria Singletrack

North Head Coastal Path

Devonport – North Head Coastal Path

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