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Another Fat-Bike Teaser

March 4, 2014
Iron Horse

So fat it stands up all by itself.

Yes, yes, I know this is supposed to be a “community cycling” blog, but I’m a mountainbiker at heart and wanted to share some photos from the weekend. The riding was so good and my camera seemed to be operating on auto-pilot all day.

After spending the morning at Woodhill dodging trees (see below), I headed out to Muriwai Beach to pick-up son #2 from surf life saving, what a place that is.

The wind was howling, the surf was booming and every motorised contraption in West Auckland was thundering up and down the northern end of the beach. Being classed as a national highway they’re perfectly entitled to, but wheelying your motocross bike at 120kph is probably frowned upon in law enforcement circles.

There didn’t appear to be a whole lot of law enforcement going on; dirt bikes, mini bikes, quad bikes and off-roaders of every size and shape were going balls-out in all directions. It was all great fun, if a little scary riding a bicycle in the midst of a petrol-head circus maximus.

Black Sand

Weapon of Choice.

Just Moi

Just Moi

Rush Hour on Muriwai Beach

Rush Hour.

Muriwai Dunes

All-Terrain Vehicle.



Oh, fat-bikes? I’ll explain those in another post. But it goes without saying they’re right at home on the beach.

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  1. blackseadragonAndrew permalink
    March 20, 2014 9:54 pm

    Great looking bike, into the idea would be a good addition to the 4 bikes I already love from road cycles to the couple of nutty MX motos I fang where you ride. It looks like great fun -go this free land we live in. NZ free, fun and yea a bit loopy.

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