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Fondle A FatBoy

February 20, 2014

Fat Typography

If you’ve been a regular visitor to this blog you may have seen my big purple mountainbike pop-up from time to time. With it’s chunky 3.7 inch tyres (on 65mm rims) it tends to stand-out in a crowd, and with me being 6′ 5″ it’s a huge bike by any measure.

Seven years ago when I put my Pugsley together the category didn’t even have a name, we called them snow-bikes, sand-bikes or adventure bikes. As the genre grew and more manufacturers got onboard fat-bike” became the standard description. You can’t really argue with that handle, they might not be as heavy as they look, but they certainly are fat, and getting fatter year by year.

I’m going to do a proper post on fat-bikes another time and share why they’re so addictive and so much fun. For now let’s just say most of the allure is in those words above; snow, sand & adventure

I’ve had such a blast on my purple fatty it amazes me they haven’t taken-off down-under, we are surrounded by beaches and mountains after all. In the USA and Canada, and to some extent Northern Europe the bikes are starting to sell in numbers. That has piqued the interest of the big boys and fat-bikes are no longer the domain of boutique brands and custom frame-builders.

Specialized Fatboy

Oh yes, Big Daddy’s in da house.

So after four paragraphs of waffle I’m finally getting to the point. If you want to see the latest in next-generation fat-bikes, the ones with even fatter tyres on even fatter rims, get down to Echelon Cyclery in Barrys Point Rd. Echelon are a Specialized dealer, and Specialized are very big bike company indeed.

This is their first entry in the fat-bike market and they’re not mucking around. My Surly Pugsley looked decidedly wimpy propped-up next to it, almost track-bike thin. The FatBoy’s swoopy alloy frame and carbon fibre fork looked great but like most fat-bikes it’s the wheels that grab your attention. Rather than speccing established rims and tyres (some manufactured by competitors), Specialized have developed their own. Usually that would concern me, but the Big S have a long history of tyre development and these chunky 4.6 inch variants of their Ground Control design look the business.

Ground Control 4.6" Tyre on Fatboy 90mm Rim

Cut-outs in the rims save weight and look kinda cool to boot.

The 90mm single-wall rims are very striking, a filigreed work of art. With a fat-bike you are only running between 6 and 15psi so to save weight you can cut holes between the spokes and the rim-strip only bulges out a few millimeters.

If you’re in anyway interested in these amazing machines get down to Echelon pronto and check it out. There are only four in the country, it won’t be there for long.

Tell them Bike Friendly North Shore sent you. Better yet, why not buy the thing? Then I’ll have some company riding on the beach!

Even when life is shit, a ride on your bike is never a bad thing. Ride your bike every day.

Campbells Bay Beach, easy peasy on a fat-bike.


Skinny legs, skinny frame, fat rubber. That’s how I roll.

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  1. February 21, 2014 12:22 am

    That FatBoy looks like FUN.

    • February 21, 2014 3:50 pm

      It’s been bought by a woman-of-taste but will be in the shop until she picks it up. More stock coming in July.

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