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Lit up like Crystal Palace

June 3, 2013
Rocket Hearts

Love on the East Coast Rd Share with Care.

Those of you following the blog for some time will know I love the fun side of cycling, “fun” is my primary motivation for riding bikes. Saving money and keeping fit are a very distant second place and environmental concerns don’t even make the list.
As I hope I got across in my review, I freak’n love the MonkeyLectric wheel-light I’ve been rocking the last couple of months. I night-commute all year round and I’m glad it’s dark out there because with the MonkeyLight doing it’s thing I’ve got a lunatic grin on my dial the whole way home, it’s just too much fun.

With this in mind I just had to buy a second one for the back wheel, twice the fun and more side-visability than you ever thought possible. I leave the units on the standard setting and they randomly cycle through 42 different “themes”, that’s 42 smiles-per-mile by my reckoning, enjoy…

Space-Invaders or Flower-Power?

Space-Invaders or Flower-Power?

Wonky Monkey

I have no idea what’s going on with that front wheel, but it sure looks cool!

Fibre Flare Light Painting

Parked-up beside the Crown Hill reservoir.

Even at rest the 16 LEDs (on each side of the wheel) are really bright, I’ve never felt safer. The red bands in the photo above were made by me waving my helmet around as the photo exposed. I zip-tied a red Fibre Flare to the back of it and it’s a great improvement on the little blinky it replaced.

Helmet-mounted Fibre Flare

Made for frames, bags and clothing but works great on a helmet.

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