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Global (Design) Village

June 3, 2013

Since I started bike-blogging I’ve met a lot of cool people in the bicycle community. There’s the fat-bike crowd, the mountainbikers, the (two-wheeled) photographers and the bike advocates.

Having a background in graphic design I’ve had opportunity to create artwork for some of these friends and with one exception (recognise these graphics!) it’s been a very pleasurable experience. Hey, what bike-fanatic wouldn’t enjoy drawing bikes?

Below is a visual identity I created recently for Copenhagen Cycle Chic’s new urban cycling webshop, The Cycle Chic Republic.

Cycle Chic Republic - Logo Arrangements

Cycle Chic Republic - Regional Banners

Cycle Chic Republic - Regional Branding

The guy behind the global Cycle Chic movement is one Mikael Colville-Andersen. I’ve known Mikael since 2006, initially through a shared love of “everyday cycling” on Flickr (a photo site). Some of my cycling graphics have also featured on his Copenhagenize blog (shown below). Every time they did the hits on my site would go through the roof, he has a big audience!

What started with Mikael posting photos of elegant Danes cycling around in everyday clothes turned into a career as an international urban-cycling consultant. This guy flies all over the globe teaching local governments and cycling advocates how to do it right, like they do back in Copenhagen.

By coincidence I’m also a half Danish, half Engish urban cycling evangelist, what the hell am I doing wrong???

Road Space Invaders

Road Space Invaders, 2010.

Bicycle Commuting - It’s Child’s Play

Bicycle Commuting – It’s Child’s Play, 2011.

Stuck in Traffic

Stuck in Traffic, 2011.

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