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Serial Copyright Infringement

May 26, 2013

My bicycle blogging days are drawing to a close and I was reminiscing about the cycling “logohacks” I have posted on this site over the years. It wasn’t until I gathered them all in one place I realized just how many copyrights I had broken in the process!

Below are some of the better ones, and although I only received a couple of comments the entire time at least I found them funny… I was cracking-up drawing each and every one.

I know we have a lot of overseas readers, most of these will make no sense whatsoever to you as they’re kiwi brands.

Telecom NZ Logohack
Mercury Rising
Give me a Bell
Cycling In Auckland?
A Footlong Just Isn’t Enough
Supercity Bike
Beat the Blues
Build a future.
Kiwi Bike
The National Bike
No Bull
You want some real social networking? Ride your bike!
Worldwide Domination
Bike New Zealand
Truly Mobile
We Cycle
Cycling in Auckland
Jurassic Parking
Star Power
Just Ride It
Get Mobile
Flower Power
All Bikes®

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