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Bicycle Infrastructure Upgrades on the Shore

May 15, 2013

Unless you’re a bicycle advocate it’s not the sexiest headline is it? Buy money spent on walking & cycling facilities is a great investment in quality-of-life and there’s a couple of sizable projects underway over here on the North Shore.

Bayswater Pipe Bridge

First up we have a total replacement of the Bayswater Pipe Bridge. That’s the long skinny footbridge starting at the base of O’Neill’s Point Cemetery in Belmont.

O’Neill's Point Bridge

Temporary bridge on the left will be removed after the demolition and rebuild.

A perennial favourite with locals the existing bridge has seen a huge increase in traffic since the Devonport Green Route was developed and promoted. I enjoyed slowing down and interacting with people, but if you were in a hurry, squeezing past push-chairs and mud-caked St. Bernards could prove challenging.

Demolition of the old girl starts this Friday and the project is expected to take 3-4 months. That’s a bummer for those of us riding the Green Route regularly, but it makes sense to get it done over winter and the replacement will be a generous 2.5m wide. That’s plenty of room for a bicycle, a push-chair and a St. Bernard although at 3m they could have squeezed-in a southbound corgi.Alternative Access Route Signage

Follow the red line if it hasn’t rained for a fortnight.
Alternative Access Route

Alternative Access Route

A temporary foreshore route from the bottom of Bardia St is in place but it’s tough going now that the ground is wet and boggy, not the idyllic (mid-drought) thoroughfare in the photo above.

Barbados Reserve

For those riding further north they are finally finishing-off the boardwalk at the bottom of Unsworth Reserve where according to signage it confusingly morphs into Barbados Reserve.

This is a key section of my favourite route to Albany and after a frenzy of tree-felling and hammering was left unfinished some time ago. The new bridge and final section of boardwalk are well underway and the wetland has been tarted-up. I much preferred the old path winding through the trees but this new one will be fantastic for wheelchairs, push-chairs, rug-rats on bikes & scooters and all-weather cycling if you are picky about getting mud on your tyres.

Barbados Reserve Entrance

Barbados Drive entrance.

Barbados Reserve Boardwalk Extension

Boardwalk foundations in progress.

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