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Commuter Review: Halo LED Light Belt

May 14, 2013

Now this is a cool idea, an LED safety-light that attaches to you, not your bike. Made from that tough-as-nails woven nylon you might find on a tie-down or back-pack strap the Halo Belt  has a built-in strip of LED powered by a couple of hidden button-batteries. Press the Halo logo beside the belt buckle and you can set the belt to flash, strobe or glow solidly. It’s a continuous ring of light behind some sort of translucent fabric, not individual LEDs spaced around the belt like you might imagine – very clever technology.

Halo Belt Red

I used the belt for a few weeks of night-commutes and liked it a lot. Although you can wear it as an actual “belt”, unless your shirt is tucked into your pants it’s going to be obscured. Chucked loosely over my shirt or jacket I hardly noticed it was there and when wearing a backpack it was clipped around that instead. Not just an accessory for cyclists, the Halo Belt could be used for running, walking, early morning paper-runs – pretty much anywhere you don’t wish to be flattened by a car.

Left on “continuous mode” they reckon you’ll get 20 hours use before the two CR2025 batteries need replacing. I never got near that as I felt safer when the belt was flashing.


The Halo is not searing-bright like the latest generation of blinky-lights, but it covers a large surface-area and provides almost 360˚ visibility. I see it as more of a compliment to your existing front and rear lights with side-visibility you just don’t get from most products.

The video below is a good gauge of how visible it is traveling through city streets, that’s what it looked like to me anyway. I encouraged (forced) my children to ride around the neighbourhood after dark but I failed miserably to get a decent photo of the belt in action. The murky shot at the bottom of the page is the best I could do – best to leave night-photography to the professionals!

Halo Belt

Hitting the mean city streets way past her bed-time.

Could it be improved upon? Yes probably. I’d like to see future models a little lighter, a little narrower and a little brighter, with USB charging built-in.

As it stands though the Halo Belt is a solid product. It’s well-made, is visible from all angles and unlike the plethora of hi-vis reflective vests and suchlike out there it doesn’t lower your cool-points. If anything your bike-mojo increases!

Thanks to Bells & Whistles for the review sample.

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