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Review: Ass-Saver saved my ass

May 5, 2013

A lot of us ride bikes with no mudguards, and let’s face it (drought notwithstanding) Auckland can get a little “humid” at times. Even when the rain has abated your shins cop spray off the front tyre and your backside gets doused by the rear on a wet road surface. I can live with damp legs, sitting around all day in soggy undercrackers is another matter entirely!


It gets wet so you don’t have to.

If you don’t have a dedicated commuter in the stable you might not want to attach anything permanently to your sleek fixie, road or mountain bike – that’s where the Ass-Saver comes in.

Those clever Swedes at Ass-Savers have shaped and creased a section of recycled plastic to form a mini-mudguard. It slips under your seat, clips to the rails, and best of all can fold-up out of the way when not in use.

They say it fits 80% of saddles and it certainly attached to all of mine, but it won’t clip to a Brooks for example, they make an alternative model for those.

SmartAss Extended

Swedish plastic meets Italian leather meets Taiwanese farm-gate.

Two of my bikes already sport mudguards but the weather has been so good lately I’ve been rocking Denis the Disco-Queen to work. Denis has the required attachment-points for full mudguards but purchasing those would double his value, a piece of shiny plastic is much more his style. Your results may vary but the Ass-Saver clipped up under my saddle really securely, it doesn’t move around or rattle at all.

SmartAss Tucked-Away

In storage-mode. Reasonably discrete even on a minimalist saddle.

As luck would have it the heavens opened the second day I used it. I waited-out the worst of the rain at work then bolted for home on some very wet roads. The fronts of my legs got wet, the backs of my thighs were slightly damp, but my bum, and most importantly my undercrackers, were as dry as the day they left the factory. Product worked as advertised, cool!

Something this small is not going to be much help in a torrential downpour, but a little back-up onboard  for less taxing duties is a smart idea. Could be just the ticket for winter training.

I purchased the Ass-Saver from the good folks at Bells & Whistles. There are several colours available, you don’t have to go with fire-engine red!

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