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Journey – Inspiring Bicycle Adventures

May 5, 2013

I was recently sent a copy of  Journey“a quarterly journal of bicycle adventures in New Zealand and beyond”. The majority of bike magazines are vehicles for advertising, focus on the equipment not the experience, and are destined for the recycling-bin as a result. Journey is a different animal, more in the mould of The Ride Journal or Bone-Shaker. But this is our animal, a Kiwi animal!


Published by Inspiring Riding it’s obvious these guys are passionate riders not journalists, the passion flows from every page. Inspiring people to try a little adventure in their lives is what it‘s all about and bicycles are the conduit for that. Adventure doesn’t have to be a six week off-road tour, that first night-ride or a maiden two-wheeled family outing qualifies. Push yourself just a little and adventure happens all by itself.

Long Way Round

I unwrapped my copy, plunged a fresh coffee and deposited myself on the couch. I hardly read a word the first fifteen minutes, I simply thumbed through the pages soaking-up the vibe. The graphic design is restrained, the photography and illustrations simply beautiful – this is a quality publication you’ll keep on the bookshelf and read over and over again.

Couch Journey

Adventure on the couch.

I don’t need much “inspiring” to ride my bike but I have to admit most of my riding is routine, a carbon-copy of the week before. After an hour on the couch with this I was planning that first overnighter in my head and trips out of Auckland to sample new trails.

Mission accomplished then, Inspiring Riding indeed!

Scetchy Journey

Inspire them young.

Subscription information and a list of retailers on the Journey website. They have a facebook page too.

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