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Commuting Goodies on Review

April 20, 2013

We have a trio of cool bike-accessories to try out at Bike Friendly North Shore and over the next few weeks I’ll be putting them through their paces on the increasingly dark & damp streets of Auckland.

Ass Savers Group

First-up we have the SmartAss from the creative minds of Swedish designers’ Ass Savers. Made from recycled plastic, SmartAss is a small foldable mudguard stored under your saddle that folds-out when required to prevent that watery racing-stripe we are all too familiar with.


Then we’ve got the MonkeyLight M232 from Californian propellor-heads MonkeyLectric. I’ve wanted one of these LED freak-boxes for years and as is often the case with electronics over time the design has improved and the price has come down. There are two models available now; the M232 with 32 LEDs (16 each side) and little brother M210 with a total of 10 LEDs. As the wheel spins 42 user-selectable patterns are displayed, how cool is that?

I’m a year-round nighttime commuter so my interest in electronic monkeys is primarily a safety one but I suspect the bike-party crowd will be customers too, MonkeyLights have FUN written all over them.


Lastly, another safety product for those of us who ride the streets after dark. The Halo Belt features a flexible LED strip that glows, flashes or strobes for 360 degree visibility. I’m no fan of dressing like a traffic-cone during daylight hours but standing-out at night (especially from the side) is a no-brainer, should be just the ticket for my nightly ride home.

I have purchased the Ass-Saver and MonkeyLight for myself, the Halo Belt is on loan for evaluation. Thanks to Bells & Whistles for bringing something different to the bike-accessories table!

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