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DIY Bicycle Tweaking

March 11, 2013
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We all have friends who can wreak as much havoc with a screwdriver in their hand as a machine-gun, for their own safety they should not be allowed within 2oft of a toolbox.

For the rest of us learning some basic bicycle mechanics can be rewarding and save some hard-earned cash. Don’t tackle the big jobs at first, keep it simple stupid and start with the basics. I can usually find what I want on Sheldon Brown’s old site, but sometimes seeing it done on video is easier.

MadeGood out of the UK have over 100 free video tutorials on most aspects of bike repair. Don’t watch these late at night, even the fanatics among us will fall asleep at the keyboard, but the few I looked through seemed well thought-out like the derailleur-indexing example featured above. This is a simple task I have well and truly stuffed-up in the past!

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  1. Natasha permalink
    March 12, 2013 4:22 pm

    Thanks for that …. I went to the Akl Transport Free bike maintenance session and that was really cool ….

    Question off topic … does anyone know if the long narrow bridge over the mangroves on the Takapuna to Devonport Green Route is still in one piece? I heard that it was going to be replaced and out of action for a few months …. searched the Akl Transport website a while ago and could see no mention of a plan or progress …. Reason for asking is that you have to go down a long downhill when traveling north before you find out if it is there or not ….

    Cheers, Natasha

  2. Jasmine permalink
    March 20, 2013 8:46 pm

    That was helpful, thanks. I’m a new bike commuter in North Shore, and wanted to say that I am liking your blog, I never knew there were so many bike routes to explore in the area, and appreciate the mix of nice photos and humour!

    • March 20, 2013 9:05 pm

      Thanks Jasmine. Just when I’m on the cusp of giving up the blog people start commenting again, it’s most appreciated!

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