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DIY Cargo Trailer

January 2, 2013

I’ve been moping around with consumption the last two months and just didn’t have any mojo available to ride bikes. When you can’t do something you love, you realize just how much you miss it. Bicycles are now a big part of my life and driving short distances in the car was driving me crazy! It’s soooooo BORING, how the hell do people do that everyday?

Bike Trailer - Miniature

The finished item. Just like a bought one?

To keep my hand-in (so I didn’t go completely loopy), I thought I’d tackle a bike-related project I’ve been putting-off for the best part of a year. Since my daughter out-grew our child-trailer it’s been hanging in the garage unloved. I unbolted the upper chassis and removed all the canvas do-dads, but after pricing the piece of plywood I required to make a deck (and finding it incredibly expensive) the project stalled.

Jury Rig

Testing the concept with a bungee-cord jury-rig.

I’ve been riding past an abandoned sign for a year now on my way to and from work. She was a little beaten-up and lay in the long grass getting moldier and moldier as time went by. Enough was enough, time for some recycling!

Bike Trailer Bare Chassis

Chassis stripped-down read for tinkering.

Donor Sign for Bike Trailer Deck

The aluminium sign deck-donor. No room (for) ahead.

Screwing the trailer deck down

Countersinking the fastening screws.

I have minimal DIY skills but I think it turned-out okay. Once the deck was mounted I drilled two holes that enable me to mount a big plastic bin that proved very useful in the previous configuration.

Now I just need my health to return so I can haul all manner of shit around town like I used to. Bikes are so cool!

Two legs pulling nine wheels

What’s got nine wheels and goes really slow up hills? Overloading the previous set-up.

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