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Stocking Fillers

December 10, 2012

A few ideas for Christmas, go on, treat yourself…

(And you’re not fooling anyone when you buy bike-goodies for a loved one then claim them back when they haven’t been used!)

Mmmmmmmm, Beer

Park Tool Bottle Opener

An essential item for any workshop or bicycle toolbox the Park Tool BO-2 (get it, Bottle Opener – 2) is a design classic. Make your first specialist bike-tool a beer-tool!

I spotted this one on Hedgehog Bike’s online store.

Mmmmmmmm, Beer Basket


Speaking of design classics, you’ll need something to carry those beers in. I’ve been rocking a Wald Commuter Basket for a couple of years now and love it to bits.

Available from T. Whites Bikes, buy online or stop in and say hello.

Soft & Squishy Goodness

Griprings2-150x150 Griprings-10-300x300 Griprings1-300x300 Griprings13-300x300 Griprings12-300x300 Griprings6-300x300

Yes, I know we should support ‘local’ bike shops but Bells & Whistles have such an eclectic range of accessories and you can’t buy GripRings anywhere else in NZ!

The price has dropped since I reviewed them and now they have some pre-packaged colour-combos ready to go.


NZ Bike Auckland T-Shirt

A cool home-grown t-shirt design from Cycle Auckland on Devonport Wharf, cheap too. NZ’s only above-water bike shop?

Honk, Honk, Roar

Tiger Horn

When a bell is too polite unleash your inner-tiger! Dress-up the Pinarello or maybe a little something for a Rug-Rat’s Santa-sack?

Urban Moocher

Avanti Ubo 1

Okay, you’ll need a big stocking for the Avanti Ubo but come-on… sprung saddle, chain-guard, mud-guards, fat-feet, front-rack and a straight back – it ticks all the boxes!  The crew at my local Avanti Plus in Albany are some of the friendliest shop-rats around although they’ll probably try to up-size you to some plastic-fantastic carbon-wonderbike that has none of the above features – STAND YOUR GROUND!!!

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