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Copenhagen-Style Cycle Lanes for Albany

November 27, 2012

This is pretty exciting, world-class cycling infrastructure right here on our North Shore doorsteps. Cycling advocates the world over bang on about Copenhagen-this and Dutch-that, soon we’ll see how Kiwis take to cutting-edge road design. Thanks to CAA for the heads-up:

The design and land purchases for Auckland’s first “Copenhagen Cycle Lane” project are being completed at the moment with construction intended to start mid-2013. This project will be a massive step change for cycling in Auckland, as Auckland Transport and designer GHD are really pushing NZ boundaries with their design.


Combining the safety benefits of both cycle lanes and off-road paths, this project puts a cycle-only, one-way cycle path on top of the kerb in each direction, allowing cyclists to proceed at pace or at leisure. At each intersection, cyclists will be offered the choice of either crossing with the cars (returning to standard cycle lanes for a short section) or diverting onto a raised table or signalised ped/cycle crossing (if you prefer to ride off-road). Also, all roundabouts on the route will be removed. In other words: Seamless high-quality cycling – for 4km from Upper Harbour Highway to Albany Expressway.

Cross section of the proposed default layout.

To CAA’s knowledge, only one Copenhagen Cycle Lane project has been built in NZ (in Christchurch, many years ago) – but that one apparently had lots of critics, as the raised lanes were narrow, and provision at intersections and driveways inconsistent. Everything is pointing to a more mature design finally reaching NZ’s shores.

Article re-posted from Cycle Action Auckland’s excellent website. 

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