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Cycling in Auckland Video Series

October 16, 2012

Auckland Transport produced a series of short cycling videos last year. A tad too much hi-vis for my liking but the irony is Susan’s big yellow coat is the most eye-catching item of clothing on there, stylish and visible from space – it’s a win win!

From the horse’s mouth:

Watch our new video series where you’ll meet some everyday Aucklanders who just happen to ride a bike. Watch the whole series of ten videos to hear their tips and tricks for cycling in Auckland. They’ll share their secret riding locations, tell you about the type of bike they ride, how they look after their bike, and the type of things they take with them. Two of the videos also cover basic road riding skills for beginners. 

Like they say, “everyday Aucklanders”, that’s what I like most about these vids, just normal folks from rug-rats to pensioners out and about having fun.

*I was reminded of these videos when the latest Bike Wise newsletter arrived in my inbox. Sign-up for these via the Bike Wise website, there’s usually an interesting link or event that takes your fancy, especially leading up to Bike Wise month in February.

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