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Bikes make life betterer

October 11, 2012
Campbells Bay Cruising

Campbells Bay Cruising

We’re pretty fortunate to live in Auckland aren’t we? I was riding along my local beach this morning and thought to myself, “there’s pretty much nowhere else I’d rather be.”

Sure it rains a lot, but it’s temperate (I wear shorts all year round after all) and on a day like today you forget about that last drenching. A bike ride just plain makes your life betterer, even going to work!

And what don’t I like about Auckland? Well the traffic for one thing, but that’s easy to fix. Stop building motorways and put that money into better public transport and bike infrastructure, simple.

Bike-racks on buses, a cycle-lane over the harbour bridge, plentiful (separated) bike lanes, then life would be betterer than betterer, but I don’t have a word for that.

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