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Summit to write about

September 9, 2012

I’ve come to the conclusion I enjoy drawing a lot more than writing, which is kind of unfortunate when you’re trying to keep a blog going!

Here’s a graphic I designed for a recent chin-wag on cycling. A welcome-image was needed to project behind the stage as people were gathering. I thought I’d give people something busy to look at so they didn’t have to stare at the dandruff on the head in front of them for 15 minutes or read the paper on their phones pretending it was something important. I was going for that retro/tourist/tea-towel vibe and had been looking for an excuse to draw some of these landmarks for ages. Not sure I’d ever make money working as a graphic-designer though, some of the more detailed icons took a couple of hours each!

ACS 2012 Cover Graphic

I think it was an “invite-only” kind of gig for people who make decisions affecting cycling resources in our region. It’s comforting to know when cycling is being discussed by the planners and pencil-pushers everyday riders are represented by the good folks at Cycle Action Auckland. These guys put in a ton of hours pushing for “everyday cycling” to be part of Auckland’s landscape. You can be a paid-up member or simply sign-up as a “friend” and receive their cool email newsletters for free. Okay, party political broadcast over, as you were.

Here’s the original design (which I prefer) but it was kind of the wrong “shape”, the title was too subtle (for some tastes) and organizations are a bit gun-shy of using maori motifs. That’s cool, I’m still happy with the revised version they went for, it was a fun project.

ACS Cover Graphic Reject

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  1. September 19, 2012 10:21 am

    Beautiful work Antoine, love the colours you chose too.

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