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Active Inactivity

June 30, 2012

Mama Say Rasta

Okay, okay, I know things have been a bit quiet on the blog of late. Apart from riding to work I haven’t been putting in many miles, but in the middle of winter I guess that’s to be expected.
I’ve also been preoccupied with a career that’s fast going down the toilet and distracted by a return to skating. Like many families “long-boarding” has consumed our household and valuable cycling time has been spent carving-up the asphalt on four little wheels instead of two!


But bicycles are still the overriding passion and on days when I’ve been forced to take a car to work I’ve realized just how much I need those regular little jaunts. Five days of not riding due to sickness and my 46 year old body was seizing up around me. Stiff joints, sore back and hips, low-energy – this is what comes with inactivity as you get older!

At the start of this piece I looked through my photos and realized that I had indeed been doing some bikey stuff, just not with the usual frequency.

I put some bumper-stickers on my beloved Surlys:
There is No New Black


I drew some bike-icons for a road-safety campaign:
Good Bunch Generic Logo
Good Bunch Expansion-Pack

I rode a snow-bike to work on a sunny day just for the hell of it:
Pugs on the bike path.

Constipated Commute

I fetched petrol (for the mower) by bike:
Saving Gas Getting Gas

Gas Guzzler

And I used the Doubled-Barrelled-Baguette-Holster on the Fatbike for the first time:
Milford Beach

Baguette Holsters

So there you go, maybe I did have something to write about after all. Normal programming will resume soon.

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