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BicyKill 2012: Bike Kulture in Auckland

April 30, 2012
T Whites Young Crowd

Assembling at T. White’s Bikes for the roll-out.

Bike-culture in Auckland, who wood-a thunk it? For the last five years I’ve been staring jealously at my computer screen watching it take hold around the globe. Tall-bikes, Ciclovías, bike-jousting, Zoobombing, there’s fun stuff happening all over the place and now we’ve got a little something to call our own.

The inaugural BicyKill was a great success and promises to be an annual feature on Auckland’s bike calendar. BMX dominated this year with a jaw-dropping selection of vintage bikes on show and the yoof (and some not so young) flying through the air, bunny-hopping higher than you would think possible and wheelie-ing into the distance.

But they didn’t have it all their own way, the Frocks-on-bikes crowd made an appearance looking stylish as always. There was a scattering of road-bikes, fixies, mountainbikes, cruisers, vintage machines, a penny-farthing, a cargo-bike and even a snow-bike (okay, that was mine).

So if you didn’t make it this year get your ass on a bike in twelve months time and soak-up some Kulture, you won’t regret it. Thanks to T. White’s Bikes, Salvation Kitchen and their sponsors for making it happen.

Cyclepath Cruise

Cruising the cyclepath to Avondale.

BicyKill Crowd

The BicyKill crowd at Salvation Kitchen.

Coffee Salvation

Caffeine salvation - Some of the best in town.

Fly By

Box-Jam fly-by.

Wheelie Good

How this chap didn’t win the wheelie comp is beyond me, amazing skills.


Standing tall.

Oh Yeah

I think this was the highest bunny-hop, 43 inches. This guy defied gravity.


He had some worthy opponents.

Skyway and Crisp

Old crusties like me enjoyed the vintage show ’n shine.


An 80s classic, better than new.

Kirk Magnesium MTB - Coaster Braked and Belt-Driven!

Kirk Magnesium - Coaster Braked and Belt-Driven!

BT Custom

Wild! A custom creation from right here in Auckland.

Rock’n Socks

A Frocker arriving in style.

Kid Cruiser

The kids are alright.

BMX Army

Lots of interesting machinery for a bike-nerd like me to look at.

Lots more photos over on my Cycling in Auckland post, although the little point-n-shoot was struggling to capture the action.

I have to end by saying the steak & cheese pie I had at Salvation was the best pie I have ever eaten, bar none, and the flat white was one of the best coffees I’ve ever had too – those guys are doing something right! A shame the barista snarled at me when I politely asked where the sugar was, but I forgive her, she was distracted by bike-kulture. (Not the lovely lady in the photo above – she was charming)

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