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Progress on the Unsworth Reserve Bike-Superhighway

April 24, 2012
Bike Superhighway

Looking north. Bike-parking courtesy of redundant trees.

Okay, okay, maybe “They Bulldozed the Amazon” was a bit of an overreaction, but hey, I like a tree or two in the burbs and this was one of my favourite trails!

With a calm, rational, and “open” mind I returned to Unsworth this weekend to check on progress, and plenty has been made. As you sweep down through the open areas of the reserve the concrete path turns to decking and before you know it you are gliding through the bush, no corners to confuse, no trees to bump into.

Access to the old track

You can still access the old track via staircases. Now more suitable for walking than cycling.

The path does look rather good, and unlike on the previous visit I talked to some locals this time who thought it was a great improvement. We did however agree that the balustrade is a bit over-the-top. It tends to dominate at the moment because the uprights are so close together you can’t see through it, but as the wood weathers it will fit in a little better and be less noticeable.

I’d guess this new section is two-thirds complete? The construction currently halts at the northern end of the reserve where an existing bridge spans the creek. This is a narrow affair and doesn’t line-up with the new boardwalk so I presume they are building a new one?, time will tell.


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