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Sneak-Peek: Fush & Chup Hauler

April 15, 2012
Fush & Chup Haul’n

Not the normal bike-silhouette you see in Mairangi Bay

We’ve a new machine in the BFNS stable for a few days and it’s not your average bike. This sleek cargo-hauler from Copenhagen (via London) is designed to haul 180kg, but at the time of writing I’ve only managed joy-rides for my children and a fish & chip delivery!

I’m looking forward to reviewing this bike for BFNS and Cycling in Auckland, lets hope the sun shines tomorrow – more to follow.

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  1. April 16, 2012 10:52 pm

    Cool! Looking forward to the review.

  2. April 25, 2012 11:32 pm

    LOVE the Bullitt snaps on Flickr. Look forward to hearing more about it.
    Meanwhile, this guy is touring Auckland on a Bullitt:

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