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Did I speak too soon?

April 3, 2012

Not recommended for riding to work (although you would get there in record time).

I stopped in at (the previously mentioned) Echelon Cyclery again this week to buy some tubes for the fat-girl. She has very big feet and Fat-Bike footwear is not something New Zealand bike shops have sitting on the shelf ready to wear so I had to order something in.

While I was waiting to speak to Brett the manager I wandered around and took some photos.

In the process I found some practical city bikes across the back wall and even the smart Globe Daily commuter mentioned in the last post. That’s one classy looking urban-cruiser I can tell you. I also spotted that friend of the urban-bike, the “basket”, just hanging-out on the wall down by the tyres.

So I stand corrected, these guys can get you to the front of the fruit-shop as well as the front of the peloton, good job Echelon.

Blingtastic full-suspension mountainbikes for that 50km off-road commute.

Now we’re talking. Mudguards, rack, bell and style to burn!

Bike-baskets for that urban shopping-run, be that milk & bread or beer & pretzels.

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