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BFNS goes to Cycle Style 2012

March 27, 2012

Intro: I wrote this post for the Cycling in Auckland blog and there’s been lots of discussion over there about this year’s event. I enjoyed the original Cycle Style so much I couldn’t help but be disappointed with this one. I still enjoyed the afternoon, my young daughter had a good time too, but it wasn’t a patch on the original. 

Auckland’s shocking summer had a part to play in this. If the initial date had dawned warm and sunny things may have gone differently. I can imagine a totally different atmosphere over in Wynyard Quarter with the sun beating down, but the organizers did the right thing by moving it indoors, they had to play it safe. 

From a North Shore perspective what a shame we couldn’t ride over that damn bridge to get there, the viaduct is so achingly close to our house! As it was I packed two bikes and a five-year-old in the car, drove the ten minutes over the coathanger and scrounged a free park in Wynyard. From there we had a very pleasant ride in the sun past the bustling restaurants and bars to Queens Wharf…

Well another edition of Cycle Style is done and dusted and I think you would call it a success. The rescheduled venue was a bit large for the numbers attending but with the summer we’ve been having in Auckland I think a roof over our head was a good call.

Shed 10 is a large space to pack-out and there wasn’t enough people for an atmosphere to build, I prefered the evening “dress-up-for-cocktails” vibe of 2010’s show. On this one you got the impression the audience was drifting in and out when there was a break in the show. The afternoon time-slot did make it kid-friendly however and there were a number of families there having a good time. For the midget-cycling-apprentice I had in tow the highlight of the afternoon was the candy-floss maker accepting Eftpos – something to please everyone!

So is it a fashion show or a cycling expo? I think the organizers need to make their minds up on that one. If it’s to be an “expo” – a celebration of city-cycling – we need more exhibiters, more interactive things for visitors to do and an MC driving things along with smaller gaps between segments.

Did you enjoy the show? Any suggestions for future events? It’s encouraging that Auckland’s bike-culture is growing to the extent that we’re even having this conversation. So thank you to the organizers and the companies that contributed, I’m sure a lot of hard work goes in to such things. I’m looking forward to 2013’s installment already.

Cycle Style Catwalk 3

Military Chic from we’ar.

Cycle Style Catwalk 4

This combo lit up the room.

Cycle Style Catwalk 1

I am struggling to think up an adequate caption for those shoes.

Cycle Style Catwalk 2

Hats not helmets on this catwalk.

Cycle Style Catwalk 5

My young daughter was loving the models and clothes...

Cycle Style Catwalk 6

I was looking at the bikes of course. Oooh, retro SE Quadangle BMX!

Cycle Style Parking

Can’t complain about parking at the front door.

Cool Lids

Cool lids on cool kids (and pretty stylish mums too).

Cargo Trike

There were little tikes in Cargo Trikes...

Electric Bike

Cruisey Electric Bikes...

Strida Folding Bike

and funky Folding Bikes.

Bike Polo 4

The Bike Polo demonstration was entertaining.

Bike Polo 2

It looked like a lot of fun.

Bike Polo 1

And any bike will do it seems.

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