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Bike Spotting: Busy Mums are Getting It

March 14, 2012
Yummy Mummy - PixlrOMatic

European city-chic with a hint of New Zealand mountainbike thrown in.

Spotted this beauty at my local primary school today when I finished “driving” the walking-schoolbus. As we discussed last week you wouldn’t have seen a bike like this five years ago in New Zealand. Comfortable “sit-up-straight” riding position, mudguards for Auckland weather and the ability to carry stuff (including little sister by the look of it).

Of course fifty years ago the majority of bikes looked like this, but the BMX and 10-speed crazes of the 70s made “practical” unfashionable, and the 1990s mountainbike phenomenon almost killed them off for good.

By the look of it we are now starting to remember what the Chinese, Indians and most of Europe never forgot.

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  1. Davey Gravy permalink
    March 23, 2012 9:10 pm

    I’ve got our kids bike seat on my partners bike, and I have to say even as a man its actually great riding with a child on the back with a womens bike with a low cross bar – you can get on and off easier without losing balance by swinging your leg over.

    Only problem – won’t fit a car rack as its basicaly got no cross bar at all…:-(

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