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Jurassic Parking

March 11, 2012

Jurassic Parking
I’m sure when some people see a graphic like the one I designed above they are instantly thinking “car-hating-hippy”, well I’d like to set that one straight.*

  • I love cars, got two in the garage. As an Auckland family with three children (needing to be at three places at once) we couldn’t do without them.
  • I love motorcycles, have spent my entire adult life riding big fast ones that guzzle petrol.
  • I love motor-racing, especially MotoGP and Formula 1. The more noise they make and the more gas they burn the better.

So I’m no car-hater, I’m simply a bike-lover. Bikes have a lot to offer for moving people around cities and neighbourhoods. They are fun, fast, cheap to purchase and maintain and they’re good for the rider while doing little harm to the environment. I’m struggling to find any negatives?

That doesn’t mean I don’t get depressed at the amount of folks in my neighbourhood who drive their kids 1 km to school in giant V8 4WDs. Then they drive 2km to the gym and back so they can run 4 km on a treadmill? Those aspirations and behaviour are just not sustainable.

But people don’t want to be preached at and things won’t improve overnight, you just have to keep chipping-away and do your bit. Riding your bike once and a while would be a start…

High Speed Park'n

*I have to admit to wearing sandals pretty much all year round.

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