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Coathanger Conquered!

December 12, 2011
TelstraClear Challenge Medals

Cycling was the winner on the day.

Sleep was hard to find on Saturday night as I listened to a howling northeaster attempt to remove my TV aerial. Was the rain also coming as per the forecast? I’m sure the organizers had sleepless nights too, these events are a logistical nightmare without the weather interfering at the last moment.

Well the rain stayed away, the wind remained within safe limits (although it must have been close) and over 4000 riders got away in the inaugural TelstraClear Challenge.

I rode the 15km route with my youngest son and we both had a great time. Often reluctant to cycle anywhere I was thrilled he got such a kick out what was effectively a trundle down the motorway. But that was the attraction of the TCC wasn’t it?, a chance to ride bikes in places normally reserved for cars and buses – and we had it all to ourselves!

A big thanks to the organizers, volunteers and sponsors. I spoke to a marshall at Smales Farm and they had a 4am start, that’s commitment, and it wouldn’t have happened without them.

Bridge Climb

Some guy’s son on a cycle-path somewhere.

I won’t bang-on (not in this post anyway), I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but here’s a comment left by Paul on Cycling in Auckland this morning that summed it all up perfectly:

It was a good event, and a shame we can’t do it every day!

We made a good cycle out of it by biking from our place in Mt Eden to Ponsonby, doing the event, back to Devonport via Mt Victoria for some views, breakfast at Devonport then ferry to town and back to Mt Eden. Never seen so many cycles and cyclists on the ferry (If you squinted hard you could imagine you were in Europe??) the way it should be!

Some guy at the start-line

Some guy at the Shelly Beach Rd start-line.

A Few Less Cars

A “few less cars” queue for the 15km Pedallers start.

Mother and Son

Mother and son singlespeeders. How cool is that!

Righteous Rawhide

Speaking of cool, bike-culture is growing in Auckland I tell you. Rawhide!


Climbing the bridge beside the bus-barrier.

Some Guy’s Kid

Reflecting on cycling in Auckland.

Bicycle Lovers on the Northern Busway.

Bicycle Lovers on the Northern Busway.


Supermum & Flurokid. Getting the whole family involved.

Rocks on Bikes

A touch of Auckland cycle-style.

Russ and Laura

American visitors Russ and Laura documenting our cycle-culture.


Show'n some skillz down by the unicycle display.


The Velociteers entertain the crowd at Smales Farm.

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