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We are so lucky!

October 4, 2011
Road Ride Through the Fern Glade

Unsworth Reserve, The Palms.

I’ve got an epic mountainbike ride (85km!) coming up next month so I’ve been getting out on two wheels at every opportunity to put some miles in my puny legs.

I find road riding a little tedious so if there’s a reserve, golf course, school or volcano handy I’ll detour off-road for some variety.

Some of the spots I visit regularly are jaw-droppingly spectacular like Mt Victoria and North Head, but there are pockets of greenery all over this town that can make a ride special.

The photo above taken in Unsworth Reserve is a prime example. You’re surrounded by industry and residential neighbourhoods but for ten minutes you could be in the middle of nowhere.

That’s what’s so great about bikes – You can pootle around your neighbourhood visiting these little pockets of heaven and invariably find some new ones along the way.

Total bliss – I can’t get enough of it!

Up on Mt Victoria looking towards North Head

Mt Victoria Summit, Devonport.

Centennial Park Singletrack

Centennial Park Singletrack, Campbells Bay.

Pondering the Poo Pond Pipe

Pondering the Poo Pond Pipe, Albany South.

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