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Bike Spotting: Green Pizza

September 5, 2011
Sal’s Delivery Bike

Delivered by bike, just like in New York City.

Cruising to the library today I passed a new pizza joint in Takapuna and their delivery vehicle was parked right outside – on the sidewalk! A refreshing change from clapped-out Toyotas that drop oil on your driveway, this one had pedals and an electric motor – it was a frigg’n cargo-bike!

The owner told me they were having teething-problems with the charger, but as this beast was purpose-built for deliveries in The States, I’m sure that will get sorted.

Is this an example of  “cycle-culture” filtering down to the Antipodes or simply a savvy business owner using their head? Either way I approve. I mean it’s practical, it’s fast, it’s undeniably cool and it’s green. What’s not to like?

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