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A Ciclovía for Auckland?

June 10, 2011

Sunday Streets - No Petrol {NOT A REAL EVENT!!!}

Ciclovía: A temporary event closing the street to automobiles for use by others.

I dragged this idea out last winter… showed a few people my poster concepts… you know, trying to get them as jazzed as I was… and… it was a total, dismal, failure! But I’m putting it out there again because a ciclovía-style event is just what Auckland needs, and more to the point just what Auckland cycling needs. The best way for the public to realise that the street is not the sole domain of the motor-vehicle is for them to step off the footpath and start having fun without two-ton chunks of metal ruining the party.

What a blast it would be: Downtown Auckland closed to traffic every Sunday morning for a month. The cafés and bars would be humming, folks would venture in from the burbs (probably for the first time in years) and fun would be had by all, I’m sure of it.

Sunday Streets - Start {NOT A REAL EVENT!!!}Sunday Streets - Give Hug {NOT A REAL EVENT!!!}

And it’s not just about the cycling, walking, running, crawling, skating, scooting, pram-pushing and dog-walking… these “celebrations-of-the-street” can include all sorts of community activities: martial arts, ethnic food, street-artists, yoga, dancing, outdoor aerobics, BMX tricks, street-entertainers… the possibilities are endless.

So what do you think Auckland, who wants to take it on? I’m busy that weekend flossing the cat, but I’m sure someone out there is up for it. Who can have a word in Len’s ear?

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  1. June 17, 2011 10:37 am

    Nice idea — they should go ahead with something like this based solely on your funky poster designs Antoine!

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