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Bike Friendly Roadies: Introducing NZ Cyclist

May 28, 2011
NZ Cyclist Videos

Ground-breaking stuff - Lycra Cowboys on the BFNS Blog. Whatever next?

I’ve had a few run-ins with roadies over the years. This one started badly but ended rather well…

WordPress gives you all kinds of information about your blog. Statistics on hits and misses, links followed to other places and sites that have linked to you. I was looking through all that last week and noticed that a local site had linked to the BFNS blog.
NZ Cyclist”, that sounds interesting, I’ll have a look at that. And what did I find? Half my bloody posts on their website, that’s what I found!

Unable to find contact details for these unscrupulous plagiarists I sat at the keyboard preparing to write a post full of enough venom and scorn to make a porn-star blush. One last check of the emails before the poison started flowing and what was sitting there in my inbox, not 15-minutes old? – a very nice letter from one of their members congratulating me on my blog and asking if they could contribute in any way. That’s what you call “timing”!

A simple misunderstanding of copyright etiquette was ironed-out with the exchange of a few emails and I’d quickly made some new two-wheeled friends. Excellent stuff.

From the horse’s mouth:

“We are a group of fairly diverse cyclists from a variety of backgrounds who have come together to form NZ Cyclist. It is a sociable cycling group that encourages safe cycling, organises group rides and promotes an environment whereby its members can feel free to share their knowledge and experience. The support and consideration we afford each other are cornerstones of NZ Cyclist. Whether you are serious about improving your cycling or just want a friendly group to enjoy a cycle and coffee with, we offer it.

We are all based on the North Shore basically from the bridge right up to Stanmore Bay. With a BIG range of ages from – at the moment – 15 right up to the 60’s. So everyone is welcome and everyone is catered for – nobody is left behind and encouragement is the name of the game.

We take part in various “races” (events) including Taupo and help each other to get there etc. We also entered the Rabobank Ridestrong Series as a group and dable in mountain-biking at Woodhill for a bit of fun. Sort of a social cycling group that likes to encourage each other to improve their cycling abilities, stay fit and healthy and promote safe cycling.”

These guys are predominantly road-riders but some commute, mountainbike, ride to the park with their kids – and they want to see cycling flourish on the Shore in a safe environment just like I do. Sounds like a plan.

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  1. Ronald permalink
    May 29, 2011 10:41 pm

    Hi there,
    I am one of the NZ Cyclists riders, and I can confirm that we like cycling in a wide range, from road cycling, mountainbiking and commuting. I commute as much as I can from the North Shore into the city, going via West Auckland. I like to read articles on this website, as much as I like keeping in touch with friends through the NZ cyclist webpage. We are all cyclists and we’re all like to cycle around as safe as we can. We just have to keep promoting it to others. Using multiple websites to get the message across is fine by me.


    • May 29, 2011 10:57 pm

      I used to ride to work from the Bays to Parnell (via west Auckland) on occasion when I was a lot younger and a lot fitter. I’d get the ferry home via Devonport.

      Upper Harbour Drive in the dark was always a bit scary! It must be a lot safer now with most traffic using the new motorway to Greenhithe.

  2. May 30, 2011 1:21 pm

    Hi, thanks for the excellent write-up :-)
    Particularly liked the word “lycra” in the tags lol!
    I forgot to add that I’m also a frequent commuter from torbay to the city. Usually by ferry but sometimes all the way round via the north-western cycleway. First time I tried that I got lost and got to work at 11 am!! Who else has totally missed the signs for the cycle path just of Lincoln Road in Henderson????
    Keep up the good work here BFNS!

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