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Bike Spotting: Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix

April 11, 2011

Trolley GP

On Sunday my son and I checked-out the Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix in Auckland’s Domain. With close to 100,000 spectators attending finding a car-park was always going to be tricky. With that in mind we drove over the harbour bridge, parked at a friend’s house in Herne Bay and rode our bikes the rest of the way from there.

Every time I start a bike-ride with a car-trip a little part of me dies, but catching the ferry would have added an hour to the journey and removed considerably more money from my wallet than a ten minute drive did. Why, oh why can’t we ride over that bridge, it’s a transport crime!

Anyway, on to the bikes. We were certainly not the only ones to arrive on two wheels, it seemed every pole, fence and tree had a bike locked to it!

That’s the great thing about bikes. Around town with the traffic-jams, the traffic-lights, and well… the traffic, it’s just as quick getting around by bike. The fact that you can roll right up to your destination without finding a parking-spot often makes it quicker, it’s just makes sense.

Every type of bicycle was represented on Sunday, even a unicycle, but these few caught my eye:

Green Townie
Dude’s got style, love that chain-guard.

Green Fixies
Green transport for sure. These fixie-riders have got the look nailed.

Cute Cycling Couple
And a stylish young couple to finish things off. Don’t they look great?

Now I’m no fan of compulsory helmet laws, but when you’re going to go fast they’re a good idea. I think these two are thankful they were wearing one:

Even with a full-face motorcycle lid the “driver” managed to smash his face on the shopping-trolley handle. Still, that’s more a design-fault with the vehicle than the helmet!
Shopping Trolley Driver

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