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Sunny Shoreside Explorations

October 4, 2010

A great time was had by all on Sunday’s Explore the Green Route ride put on by Cycle Action Auckland.

We had a wonderful group of riders turn-up, many from the other side of the harbour and it was nice as a local to show-off a bit of the backyard. The weather played its part as well, a ten-out-of-ten day for riding a bike, brilliant sunshine the whole duration but not too hot.

There’s something special about riding in a group, even with an eclectic bunch like we had (with everything from elder-cycling-statesmen to babies in child-seats) little conversations were struck-up along the way and everyone got on famously.

My two sons groaned audibly when they were informed we were going for a family bike ride. I think I probably ride too far and too fast when I take them out by myself but they both commented on how much fun this ride was afterwards. I think the novelty and camaraderie of a group-ride was the difference.

Thanks to the folks at CAA for organizing it and the North Shore Council for work done on the Green Route itself.

Pre-ride Group Shot

Group-shot at Devonport Wharf. We picked-up some more riders along the way.

Riding the Bridge

Approaching the Bayswater footbridge. It soon turned into a bike-bridge.

Single File

Single-file only across here. Mt favourite section of the route.

Happy Boardwalk Riders - Front

The front of the pack on the Northboro Reserve boardwalk. A real quality piece of infrastructure this one. I like it when things are done properly.

Happy Boardwalk Riders - Back

The front of the back.

Takapuna Grammar School

Tiki-touring through Takapuna Grammar School. I was keeping those childhood memories suppressed as fast as I could through this section.

Narrow Neck Beach

Regrouping at Narrow Neck Beach. The bike path runs straight through here.

4/5 of my Super[city] Family

4/5ths of my Supercity Family

The Style Leaders

Elegant, stylish and colour-coordinated. The bikes were lovely too.

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